TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx Home Decor

Real talk.  I hate shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls because of how unorganized I find it to be.  My OCD mind cannot handle being in there and sifting through all the racks, which is a real shame because there are some really great deals.  What I find especially great about TJ Maxx is the skincare products, especially for someone like me who likes to try lots of different things.

What I always forget is that you can now shop TJ Maxx online, woo! Best part is, they have a lot of the same home decor items that you’d find at Homegoods so if you’re anything like me and can never find 2 of the same thing in the store, try checking online. Their selection is much bigger than you would find in your typical TJ Maxx which also scores brownie points.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things, including fall decor.  MOST of the items are also under $20 (SCORE!)

Natural Wheat Wreath | I always seem to struggle finding inexpensive wreaths for the holidays, especially now that I have a double front door and need 2 of them. This one is on the smaller side (10in), so would be better suited for indoor use, but you can’t beat the $19.99 price point.

Galvanized Metal Bucket | I saw these at Homegoods last weekend and (of course) couldn’t find two that matched.  I was so happy to find them online because I desperately wanted them to put mums in for my front porch.  Best part… they’re under $10!

Leaf Bowls | Although I don’t think I would use these for eating, I love the thought of putting something like this on an open shelf in the kitchen to add a little pop of fall color.  It’s such a simple thing to to add to your fall decor.

Plaid Fall Napkins | Using cloth napkins for holidays is an easy way to add in additional but functional decor.  They can add a fun pop of color to a tablescape and when you’re done, you scoop them up and throw them in the washing machine – totes easy.  Just be careful when putting them in the dryer, because they tend to wrinkle easily.

Lumbar Pumpkin Pillow | This is a cute, neutral pillow that could be added to an accent chair or a basket to spruce up your fall decor, and it’s under $20!  

Pumpkin Patch Sign + Be Thankful Metal Sign| One of my favorite things to add around the house for holidays are signs.  I use command hooks so I’m not marking up walls constantly and switch them out several times a year.  These are both under $20!

Stacked Ceramic Pumpkins | The last of the fall decor!  I love a good neutral pumpkin and this one has just a hint of gold in it which makes it look less boring. 

Large Natural Storage Bin + Wooden Crate | I’m guilty of spoiling my child and buying him a toy literally every time we walk into a store.  So, I’m always in search of cute bins to store toys in so they’re not taking over my entire house.  The Natural Storage Bin looks almost identical to one we currently have in my son’s room, except ours has a wooden top.  It holds a TON of stuff and because of the top, it stays hidden and just looks like a cute trunk.  I also love the wooden crate option because it has wheels and can easily be moved.

Pom Pom Storage Bin | This is another good option for toy storage, but is significantly smaller than the other two.  I posted something similar from Target a few weeks back (and also think they’re cheaper there), but in case you can’t find them anymore, at least you know TJ Maxx has an option also.

Cushioned Ottoman | This ottoman, while a little pricey, is super cute.  It has a natural look to it but is something you can still “dress up”.  Would be a good option for an accent chair, or putting two of them at the foot of your bed instead of a bench.

Wood Blanket Ladder | I still have yet to purchase a blanket ladder, even though it’s something I’ve had on my list now for weeks.  This is a really good option and the price point is mediocre (I can’t say I’ve seen them much cheaper than this).

Yarn Throw | THIS. LOOKS. SO. FUZZY.  I need it in my life ASAP.  The blanket I’ve been using on our couch is super thin and it isn’t going to cut it in these upcoming cooler months.  It’s almost gone, so make sure to snag it soon!

Faux Hanging Plants | I purchased two of these at Homegoods months ago and I’m still in search of the perfect hook to hang them with.  They definitely have a plastic-y look to them, but from afar they look relatively realistic.  They add a nice pop of color to a neutral room.  Only a few left on these!


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