Kirklands Roundup

The more I look at Kirklands website, the more obsessed I become.  No matter what you’re looking for, I feel like they have it and at a really affordable cost.  They have a similar style to World Market or Homegoods, but a LOT more variety and their prices tend to be more friendly (at least compared to World Market).

There are several sales happening at the moment ranging from 20% off your entire order (excludes Rae Dunn items, unfortunately), up to 40% off furniture, up to 50% off art, and MANY more.  I’m going to highlight a few of my favorites (which is extremely hard to just pick a few because there’s seriously SO MANY GOOD THINGS).

Katie Gray Accent Chair | Kinda farmhouse, kinda french country, kinda loving it.  There is a pretty large empty space in our master bedroom and I’ve been trying to think of what we could put there.  A couple of accent chairs and an accent table are at the top of my list, although knowing me it will just be a clothes collector.

Distressed Round Black Pedestal Accent Table | This accent table would be the perfect compliment to the Katie Gray chair.  Both have a distressed gray look and adding a pillow to the chair or a plant to the table could give it a pop of color to spruce it up.

Sonoma Two Tier Console Table |  I love when pieces are versatile and can go with several types of decor.  This one specifically is a nice mix of rustic and industrial, which are my two favorite types.  It’s a good piece to display decor, but you can also add baskets to hide “junk”.

Graywash Barn Door Media Cabinet | I purchased this cabinet recently to put in our playroom.  I love the barn style doors and the cabinets can hold quite a bit of things.  We keep a variety of toys in one side, coloring books and crayons, and the other side holds movies (yes we’re probably the only family on the plant who still owns DVD’s).

Weathered Crossed Glass Cabinets | Large china cabinets are out, small weathered cabinets are in.  This is a great alternate to the dated china cabinet and would be a great way to store extra dishes.  You could even use the top for a small bar area and display a few bottles of your favorite wine / liquor.

Savy Distressed Cream Table Lamp + Distressed Wood Grove Table Lamp | These two lamps styles are absolute favorites of mine.  I purchased ones very similar from Homegoods a while back and one of them unfortunately fell and cracked in half.  These are a much better price point than the ones I purchased, so these are on my list as a replacement.

Embroidered Aztec Pillow + Gray Diamond Dot Tassel Pillow | Pillows are an inexpensive way to style and re-style a room.  I personally like pillows that have different textures but still remain neutral so they don’t overpower a room.

Boxwood Topiary | One of my favorite things to decorate with are greenery.  I have several faux plants around my house and am always getting comments about how real they look.  They make a home look more cozy and warm.  This boxwood is a great price and could be placed as a simple centerpiece on a table or a fireplace mantle.

Eucalyptus Mix Wreath |  Included in my love for faux greenery are wreaths.  I always seem to have trouble finding them because I find them to be extremely expensive with poor quality.  These are one of the better priced I’ve ever seen and they look FULL which is really important to look for in a wreath.

Bamboo and Metal Basket |  Our previous house had a gas fireplace and we never kept it on for long for fear of wasting the gas and having a huge bill.  When we built our new house we opted for a wood burning fireplace and so I’ve been looking for a basket to store wood in.  This one caught my eye and is for sure getting added to my list of future purchases.

Iron and Wood Wall Shelf  +  Natural Wood and Iron Wall Shelf | Two shelving options for you here!  I’m not much of an “art” person and don’t like to clutter my walls with paintings.  I’d much prefer unique pieces that are dual purpose like these shelves.  Not only does it take up space on a wall, but it’s unique and interesting to look at AND could serve as storage for home decor.

Natural Farmhouse Multi-Use Wall Organizer | I recently ditched a mail bin we had sitting on our foyer table and purchased a wall organizer like this for our mud room.  The storage bins can be used for mail and there’s also a spot to hang keys, so it’s kind of a one stop dump spot for everything you carry when you walk through your door.  Bonus points for being cute!

White Madelyn Dinnerware Set | I’m on the hunt for a new dinnerware set.  I purchased our current set a few years ago from Ideeli (who remembers that website?) and the quality is horrible.  They are all chipping and they show every knife mark ever made.  I want something neutral yet something a bit more unique than just a standard white set.  I like the small accents around the rim on these so they are definitely in the running for me.

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