Dorm Room Essentials

I may be a little late in writing this post, but if any of you procrastinators out there haven’t finished school shopping then keep reading!  Remembering back to my days in college (which was 11 years ago – UGH!), the dorm rooms were kind of bleh.  One step up from a cell in Sing Sing (or, if you’re a fellow SUNY Plattsburgh graduate… Dannemora).

The dorm room decor scene is SO MUCH cuter than it was 11 years ago and it lets you be more creative with how you decorate.  I think the most we ever did was put up a hippie tapestry and a band poster call it a day.  I’m going to share a roundup of decor items that would be perfect for a dorm room as well as a few essentials that are a must have for college students.  Best part is, they’re all on SALE!!

Tan Striped With Poms Woven Fringed Rug | I’ve been loving this Opalhouse rug for a long time now and the variety of sizes it comes in makes it a great option for a dorm room floor.  No one wants to be walking around on those cold, gross floors, so why don’t you cover them up with something fun and cute?

Blush Geo Lattice Comforter Set | This bedding set is really sweet and would be a great compliment to the rug.  It comes in an XL twin which seems to be the standard size for college dorm room beds. 

Yarn Dyed Tassel Trim Duvet Cover Set | I love a good tassel, and this one is super cute.  This duvet cover comes in a variety of colors and has XL twin sizing.  I wish I thought to do this when I was in college, because I had the UGLIEST, most boring navy blue comforter on my bed and it would have been so great to put a duvet on it.

White Embroidered Tassel Comforter Set | AGAIN WITH THE TASSELS.  This is another one that would compliment the rug really well.  This is the only color it comes in, but has the XL twin sizing.  Something to keep in mind is that the comforter sets only come with the comforter and the shams — it doesn’t come with any sheets.

Cream Plush Bed Rest | I was always jealous of my roommate who had one of these pillows.  It was called the boyfriend pillow back then and it was so comfortable.  Perfect for watching movies or sitting in bed reading.

Cream Tufted Oversize Square Throw Pillow | Throw pillows are an easy way to decorate a small space and make it look super cozy.  Now you may be thinking, “my college student isn’t going to make their bed” and, well, you’re probably right, but at least they’ll still look cute thrown on the floor.

White Moroccan Wedding Oversized End of Bed Throw | I’ve shared this one on a previous post and I’m still obsessing over it.  It’s a really good price (about $20) for a nice, big, oversized throw and the quality looks great also.  I don’t like busy blankets, but the small detail in this is just enough to make it interesting.

Mesh Shower Caddy | Now where was this when I was in college?  I had one of those huge plastic organizers where all of your stuff kind of floated around in it.  This one is much more practical and it has a lot of spaces for you to store your bathroom stuff.  There’s a big inner pocket also where you can put your towel or flip flops.

Perfectly Soft Embossed Towel | I was in need of new towels so I bought about 489573 of these over the weekend.  I had previously bought a bunch of white towels from Homegoods which I’ll be returning, because when I felt these, I fell in love.  They are SO soft and the pattern on them is really fun (but neutral).  The only color still available for sale online is white, but check your local stores for the other colors.

Table Lamp White Shade with Brass Base | I love gold accent pieces, especially paired with pinks and peaches.  This lamp is simple, but it’s small and would be a great fit for a desk.

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker | Let’s play another round of Why Didn’t They Have This When I Was In College? We had an old school coffee pot and it was a pain in the ass to make and a pain in the ass to clean.  This Keurig Mini is SO CUTE and I love the color.  It would go perfect with the rest of the decor featured in this post.

Cole Classics Round Storage Ottoman Flared Wood Leg | I love the idea of having an ottoman in a dorm room for extra seating, and this one is perfect because it also acts as extra storage.  Storage space is a commodity in a dorm room so finding unique ways to hide things is always a plus.

Wall Shelf | Last but not least, this white and gold wall shelf.  I never thought to put a shelf on the wall, but it’s another ingenious idea to add some extra storage.  This shelf in particular isn’t made for storage per say, but is a great way to add a little uniqueness to the room and be a great spot to put pictures.

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