Target Buy More Save More Sale

If you’re anything like me, when you go to Target, you buy more… and more, and more.  So the buy more save more sale is right up my alley, and right now it’s specifically for home items.  I was in there today and spent WAY too much money buying all the things from the Knox Rose line (I am NOT a fashion blogger, but I can’t post about Target and not mention this line).  Every single thing I tried on was amazing and fit like a glove.  I digress, but really… you should check it out after you’re done shopping the home sale.

If you aren’t familiar with the buy more save more sale, it goes like this:
Spend $50, save $10
Spend $100, save $25
It also includes sale items, so that’s an extra win. You can also get free shipping with orders over $35!

I did a lot of browsing while we were picking out fixtures for our new house and I was literally blown away by the amount of items on the Target website.  There are a ton of things that aren’t in stores (specifically furniture and lighting) that have amazing quality (and honestly looks like it could compete with something like a World Market).  If you have the patience to look through everything, you can score some really good stuff.

Below is a round up of everything I’m loving right now (and there’s a LOT).  It’s going to be a mix of things I already own and things I have my eye on for the new house.

If you read my World Market post, then you saw a very similar mirror linked.  Unfortunately, that one was out of stock online so I found an almost identical model here.  It’s a little more expensive but still a great deal when it comes to mirrors (I always find them to be pricey).

I own a lamp very similar to this (also purchased at Target) except it’s teenie tiny and I have it on my vanity.  I actually brought it home and noticed it was completely broken but I loved it so much I still kept it.  The Kenroy Home version is similar in style except much bigger, and better suited for an actual night or side table.

I tend to get yelled at a lot when I come home from Target because I’m ALWAYS buying throws and throw pillows.  I purchased a bunch of throw pillows for our bed a few months ago, and I think they’ve made it onto the bed a total of 3 times.  They’re sitting in a nice little pile NEXT to the bed, right beside a basket which holds….. a throw and two decorative pillows (yes, I’m self aware and know I have an issue here).  These Opalhouse square and lumbar pillows are SO SO SO cute and would look perfect in a little girl’s room.  They’re also oversized so using them for decorative pillows on a bed could also be a good use.

I’m also linking two Opalhouse throws; the Macrame throw in teal is made to put at the end of the bed and is the perfect thing to spruce up a room for the summer.  It also comes in a coral color but unfortunately no neutral tones.  The Moroccan Wedding throw is RIGHT up my alley and was immediately added to my shopping cart.   It’s oversized and looks so cozy.

The Lory Pouf (also Opalhouse) would be a great addition to a nursery.  We purchased a pouf a few years back to put in front of our glider and use as a foot rest and it was one of the best decisions we made for that room.  2.5 years later, I still use it almost every night and it’s become a toy for my son to climb on, kick, push, knock over.. (you get the picture).  It looks like only the pink version is currently in stock.

I tried to purchase this Opal House shower curtain for our guest bathroom months ago, but was shut down immediately by my husband (perhaps because I had just purchased a new shower curtain a mere week earlier).  I love the simple look of it and the tassels at the bottom.  I’m a huge fan of minimal color in bathrooms for a clean look.

Our pantry shelving was just installed this week in the new house so I’ve been on the hunt for storage bins to organize our dry goods.  I love the rustic look of these brown Threshold crates – they’re reminiscent of old milk crates.  I also like the look of the metal Threshold storage cubes, so I’m debating doing a combination of both.

Every single time I go to Target, I stumble upon this Artificial Project 62 Plant.  I stare at it for a good 10 minutes debating on whether or not I should buy it and ultimately walk away every time.  I’ve been trying to avoid making large home decor purchases until we move so I don’t have to pack more than I need to, but the MINUTE we move in, I’m buying 2 of these bad boys.  They are so beautiful and look so real.  Unfortunately they are sold out online, but I am praying to the Target Gods that they’re restocked soon and/or no one buys the remaining inventory in my store.  FOLKS, be on high alert and someone tell me when they’ve been restocked!

Last but not least, this cute little doormat from Threshold.  I’m not a fan of colorful doormats, and one might even go so far as to call my taste slightly boring (thanks, Mom), but I love the simple look of this one.  I also like the material it’s made out of because it really gets the crap off your shoes… and isn’t that the point of a doormat, anyways?


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