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Hobby Lobby 50% Off Home Decor

It wasn’t until very recently that I realized how amazing Hobby Lobby is for their home decor.  Their prices, even when items aren’t on sale (which isn’t often) are amazing and the quality is pretty exceptional too.  If you’re looking for farmhouse/rustic decor, this store has a huge selection of really unique items.  Just a tip: if you are browsing their aisles and see something you want that isn’t on sale… wait to buy it.  Chances are it will go on sale in the coming weeks, so keep checking their website.

The black and white fabric basket and triangle basket are so cute and are great for storing kids toys / books.  I purchased the triangle basket 2 years ago to use for my son’s Easter basket and kept it to toss toys in after.

I’m thinking about purchasing this bottle opener to attach somewhere outdoors.  We entertain a lot and we’re always losing the bottle opener, so would be great to place one of these bad boys in a permanent location (preferably so they open right into a garbage can).

I’m really into galvanized items for decorating an outdoor space.  These chargers would look perfect on an outdoor dining table and could easily translate into an indoor dining space.

I came across these planters today when browsing the sale and they immediately made their way into my shopping cart.  It comes in a set of 3 and would be great to plant herbs.

I’ve been searching for baskets lately to put in our pantry to organize food and I’ve got my eyes on these.  They come in a set of 5 for $35 – it honestly does not get better than that!

My galvanized obsession continues with this tray that would be great to set on an outdoor table.  You can put planters on them filled with herbs or succulents, use it to put drinks on top of, or use as a serving tray – SO many options.

These galvanized letters are SO fun.  I purchased 3 of them years ago when we were decorating my son’s nursery (his initials) and just bought a few more to put in the playroom in our new house.  These are something I would only recommend purchasing when they go on sale, especially if you need to spell out something long.

I had this farmhouse sign in my shopping cart and ended up putting it back thinking “I don’t really need that”.  Needless to say, I went back to the store a week later and it ended up coming home with me.  We are spray painting it black to match our kitchen and will be putting it above the table in our breakfast nook.

This floating shelf is amazing.  It’s super light and easy to hang and looks like an actual piece of reclaimed wood.  I have it hanging in my bedroom where it houses all of my essential oils and diffuser.  The metal and wood shelf is something I currently have in my shopping cart and will be going in a bathroom to hold towels or toilet paper.  It has a clean look but with the two rows it gives lots of storage space.

This last cubby shelf is also in my shopping cart right now.  It would make the perfect place to store mugs above a coffee bar.  I’ve seen something similar to this but MUCH more expensive so snag it while you can!



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